Come with Me and Be Drug Free


Come with Me and Be Drug Free
11/4/2009 8:51:05 AM

Nettleton EAST students used their classroom technology in a Red Ribbon Week campaign for a drug free life, targeting elementary students.

Nettleton students from the high school EAST program, Raiders Against Destructive Decisions, Student Council, Cheer, Dance, and Drumline and Flagline teamed up to promote a drug free life style at all the elementary schools during Red Ribbon Week. The theme for the pep rallies was Come With Me and Be Drug Free/ Hand-in-Hand We Make A Stand. Skits, songs, cheers, and several drug free messages were shared with the younger students.

Tyler, EAST Drug Free Project Manager, enlisted several students in EAST to help with the creation and design of red ribbons, which were distributed to each school, and his ribbon design is featured on a local electronic billboard. Tyler used Photoshop and Fireworks to design the ribbon and he worked with Graphix Advertising Designs and Signs. Tyler was able to get the dimensions needed from the printing company before he began. He had to make several color changes because of the cost of printing multiple colors. EAST videographers and photographers recorded the event using the digital cameras and camcorder available in the classroom. Students will use Final Cut Pro to edit the footage for our archives.

Tyler stated that his goal was to connect high school students with the elementary students. "We want the elementary students to understand they have to make good choices." During the rally, EAST student Lauren told the audience "We are here representing the drug free students at the junior high and high school and we want you guys to be with us and to always make good decisions and we want you to be drug free like we are."





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