The Evidence is Clear


The Evidence is Clear
11/4/2009 8:18:45 AM

Mena Middle School EAST holds Red Ribbon Week poster contest warning about the dangers of smoking.

Mena Middle School EAST held a Red Ribbon Week Poster contest with the CSI theme, Cigarette Smoke Investigation, The Evidence is Clear. The hallway was setup as a CSI crime scene with all of the posters on display during Parent Teacher conferences. EAST students designed posters using Adobe Photoshop, a graphics editing program. Photoshop is the current market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation software.

They were judged by the following criteria: 1. including at least four facts about drugs, 2. creativity, 3. using the CSI template and theme, and 4. including their names and created in EAST. The winners, Emali B. and Lauren H. received 1st placed and received $20 gift cards from our Mena Public School Coordinated School Heath Advisor, Mrs. Liles. MMS EAST also sponsored daily activities during Red Ribbon Week for the students to participate in to promote drug awareness and healthy drug free lifestyles.


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