Santa Ynez EAST Wins 3rd Place in 2005 Geospatial Solutions App. Contest


8/12/2013 3:22:52 PM

The Environmental and Spatial Technologies (EAST) class at Santa Ynez High School used technologies, experts, original documents, and student curiosity to map the eroding sea-cliff edge in the community of Isla Vista, California.

In order to view an animation of simulated landslide movement, some data processing is required. Using soil-strength properties and two sets of digital elevation models (DEMs) that reflect an area both before and after a landslide, a program for 3D analysis of landslide movement generates sliding-mass modeling data. The outcome will contain a series of coordinate data of sliding mass at a certain time interval. Users can overlay an orthorectified photo and other spatial data and geographically maintain the animation files created earlier in Landslide GIS. Animation of a landslide process reveals the extent of devastation, which is effective when visualizing its impact on protected areas and on people.

Bentley's MicroStationV8 converts 2D data for cross-sectional maps into 3D data. Used with Bentley's Geopak Site, MicroStation also produces 3D computer-aided design data of sliding mass or slipping surfaces and visualizes them via 3D modeling. Survey and project records and maintenance management of prevention works are accomplished using ES-builder from Japan Earth and Space System Engineers Co., Ltd. The relational database used in this project is Microsoft Access.

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