Conference 2018 Blasts Off with Logo Design


Conference 2018 Blasts Off with Logo Design
5/31/2017 11:50:09 AM

Rikki Vaughan and Kaleb Valencia of Sonora Middle School in Springdale submitted the winning design in the competition to the design the logo for EAST Conference 2018, the theme for which is “All Systems Go.”

The logo features a rocket emblazoned with “EAST” at the moment of takeoff.


“‘All Systems Go’ immediately made us think of rockets,” the students wrote in their competition entry. “We wanted to come up with something that really highlighted EAST and would be a great logo to build around. We started with the same process we do everything: we brainstormed and came up with rough sketches.”


The original design was sketched by Kaleb, who worked with Rikki in translating the design to Adobe Illustrator.


“Together, we produced what we feel is a great design,” the students said.


Of course, working in a technology-driven, project focused environment, the students said they already envision ways in which the static design could be enlivened with LED lights and animation controlled by a microprocessor.


As is, the space-inspired, Art Deco logo will be used in all EAST Conference-related digital and printed materials, including being used for the design of the tee shirt that will be given to all Conference attendees.


About EAST Conference


The EAST Conference is an annual event hosted each March by the EAST Initiative, an educational nonprofit organization that promotes technology-driven, project-based education in service to the community. Conference is a three-day event during which all EAST schools are invited to share and celebrate the work they have been doing throughout the school year. Each conference is presented with a unique theme, announced at the conclusion of the prior year’s conference, and students are invited to design a logo for the next year’s theme. Since 2006, EAST Conference has been held at the Hot Springs Convention Center.



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