New Page Spotlights Standout Projects


New Page Spotlights Standout Projects
8/24/2016 9:41:21 AM

This school year the EAST Initiative is launching a new tool to both celebrate the outstanding work of students throughout EAST and also help others find inspiration for their own projects.

Beginning this week, the new Project Page, located on the EAST Initiative website (under Projects & Schools -> Project Page), replaces the former Project Database as a way for EAST students to submit their very best work and have it displayed.


“The idea of the Project Database was always that students not only had a place to share their work, but in doing so create a warehouse of outstanding ideas to inspire colleagues who could view, analyze and perhaps even adapt that work to their own communities,” said Spencer Watson, communications manager for the EAST Initiative. “Unfortunately, in trying to be as thorough as possible in gathering information about a project, the database proved too cumbersome in the long term for a lot of people.”


The idea behind the new page, created from the ground up by EAST programmer Adam Crider and web manager Eric Holt, is to create an easily browsed gallery that showcases truly outstanding projects submitted by EAST schools. The format allows students to choose a thumbnail image for their project and features that thumbnail and other submitted photos along with a concise, narrative description of the project. The goal is to collect the most sophisticated work students are doing throughout EAST all in one place.


“We want to know what the purpose of the project is -- who does it serve and what problem does it solve -- and we want to know how the project was executed, what technology was used in its completion,” Watson said.


While there is no hard cap on narrative submission length, 500-1,000 words is suggested. Submissions must be made through a facilitator account logged into the EAST Initiative website. The Project Page itself is viewable without logging in.


The Project Page also includes a feature allowing students to convert their submission into a one-page document that can easily be printed and distributed to help them promote their projects with community partners.


“Our hope is that this becomes a resource for our schools both in formulating project ideas and in sharing their hard work,” Watson said.


At launch, the page includes text and photo support, but future plans include adding the ability to upload and embed video, as well as indexing projects to make searching easier.



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