EAST Conference 2017 Logo


EAST Conference 2017 Logo
7/5/2016 12:53:12 PM

Dalton Yates and Riley Clark of Wynne High School submitted the winning design for the EAST Conference 2017 Logo Competition, which began on March 17 at the close of Conference 2016.

The theme for Conference is 2017 is “Level Up: EAST Mode.” The winning design conceives that ideas as rising levels on a soundboard.


“I would say that just being around music equipment in general probably gave me this idea,” said Dalton, who plays several instruments and has experience in sound engineering. “Once I had the idea, I researched several versions of the level lights on different soundboards and digital softwares.


The logo itself went through several redesigns. The original concept, created by Dalton alone, was just simple rectangles growing in height, which he said were “metaphors of the progress of the EAST Initiative.” Dalton said he saw many classmates embracing a video game theme, which was indeed common among entries and even suggested by the contest prompt. However, he wanted to do something different. Ultimately, when he and Riley started working together they found their groove in something musical.


“Riley and I started off working separately on two different logos. Not long after I started trying to do design work on the computer, he started helping me more and more.”


The winning design, a truly joint effort, will be used throughout Conference 2017, from shirts to websites to printed materials and more. Dalton said he’s excited to see it.


“I definitely will be proud to see our logo at EAST Conference next year, and I’m honored we were picked!”

Read more about the design process in the Summer 2016 issue of EQ, which will be released in September and is available to read online for free.


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