Governor visits EAST at Nettleton High School


Governor visits EAST at Nettleton High School
1/26/2016 3:10:51 PM

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson visited students in EAST at Nettleton High School Monday.

Hutchinson visted the school to talk about his plans for computer coding in schools and workforce development, as well as to talk with students about their use of technology. Talk Business and Politics covered the governor's vist here.


Here's what a handful of EAST students had to say about the visit:


"When I met the governor on Monday, I was excited. He took his time to listen and see what I've accomplished in EAST. I am excited to see the changes he will make to our schools. Hopefully, in a few years everyone will be able to be in EAST!"

-Keragan Casey


"Meeting the Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, was a great experience. We told him about our project, and he gave us some great advice. Our favorite was when he said, 'The most important part of asking a question is listening to the answer.'"

-Lauren Miller, Maegan Vacco, & Kayla Spanier


"Meeting Gov. Hutchinson was a very exciting day in my life. He has done so much for the state of Arkansas. He not only talked to me and my fellow students, but he listened to us tell him about what we've worked on in our EAST class. He definitely inspired me to be more diligent in my school work. I just want to take this moment to thank Gov. Hutchinson for taking time out of his schedule to come to my school, and learn about what we are doing."

-Sophie Copelin


"Meeting the governor Monday afternoon was such an honor. It was so exciting to be able to talk to him and learn more about his ideas for our education system. I loved that he took time to come visit Nettleton and meet some of the students. To know that he is very involved in wanting to learn more about what we are doing in EAST is great. Also, to hear what he was saying was inspiring."

-Abby Clements


"As a student in EAST, meeting the Governor of Arkansas was an honorable experience. Gov. Hutchinson wants to enforce more education in computer technology in all schools across the state of Arkansas. His determination in creating a better future has influenced my perspective of how we should innovate and make the most out of our EAST projects. Being more involved in the community has always been a positive role in my life and hearing the governor's words has given me the assurance to better improve my work ethic not only in EAST and school, but also in the community."

-Tyler Hester


"I loved being able to speak with the governor yesterday. He gave my peers and me sound advice, and I think it was received very well. I love that he is personable and wants to help improve our education system. It was very encouraging to hear what he had to say."

-Jordan Lee


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