Movement offers mentors for STEM


Movement offers mentors for STEM
1/14/2016 2:36:31 PM

EAST students are invited to benefit from a partnership between Walmart and STEMConnector to launch a STEM mentoring program called Million Women Mentors.

Million Women Mentors is a nationwide movement that supports the engagement of one million STEM mentors (male and female) to mentor girls and women from school age to work age continuum and help encourage them to persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers by the year 2019.




1. Increase the percentage of U.S. high school girls planning to pursue STEM careers.

2. Increase the percentage of U.S. young women pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields in higher education.

3. Increase the percentage of U.S. women staying and advancing in STEM careers through supporting workforce-mentoring programs.



In the past 10 years, growth in STEM jobs has been three times greater than non-STEM jobs. Eighty percent of the occupations in the United States depend upon mastery of mathematics and scientific knowledge and skills. While women comprise 50 percent of the US workforce, just 24 percent are in STEM fields, a statistic that has held constant for nearly the last decade.

Almost one-third of all male freshmen, compared with only 15 percent of all female freshmen, plan to major in a STEM field even though 15 out of the 20 fastest growing occupations in 2015 are expected to require science or mathematics training. Too many of these women leave STEM degree paths despite their good academic standing, often citing uncomfortable classroom experiences and climate. Even when women persist to earn a STEM degree, women are less likely than their male counterparts to work in a STEM field.


Women earn 77 cents to the dollar in all jobs, but earn 92 cents to the dollar in STEM jobs.




If you decide that your school or organization would like to participate in the program, the steps to register are easy:

1) To register your school or organization visit (you will not be signing up individual mentees, only your organizations name and a contact name.)

2) Once you register, your school or organization’s name will show in a searchable database on the Million Women Mentors website by Arkansas mentors.

3) Mentors will contact your school or organization to be matched with a mentee if they choose your school or org.

4) When your school or org is contacted, please be prepared to help match the mentor to a mentee either by phone or email.

5) When visiting the Million Women Mentors website, if your school or org is already listed in the database but you’d like the contact information edited, or if your school or org chooses not to participate and you are listed in error and would like to be removed, please let me know.


When a mentoring connection is made, the mentor has made a commitment to mentor a girl in STEM for 20 hours in the year. Our mentors will be provided the tools they need to conduct a successful mentoring relationship, including a weekly curriculum that aims to provide the information necessary to help girls and women persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers. We are simply asking you to provide mentees for this initiative.



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