EAST receives grant from Best Buy for Arduino training


EAST receives grant from Best Buy for Arduino training
10/27/2015 9:11:19 AM

Environmental and Spatial Technology, Inc., (the EAST Initiative), an educational nonprofit that promotes student-driven, project-oriented service learning using cutting edge technology, has been awarded a $5,750 grant by the Best Buy Foundation.

The grant will be used to purchase 50 Arduino starter kits, which include small, programmable micro-controllers, sensors and accelerometers. These can be used to create interactive computers or robotics that then can be incorporated into student projects.

“The flexibility of the Arduino makes it an ideal fit for EAST programs, and we’re very grateful to the Best Buy Foundation for helping us put them in students’ hands,” said Matt Dozier, president and CEO of the EAST Initiative.

“We’ve already seen students use Arduinos for a variety of purposes, such as creating weather monitoring stations at student-created community gardens. We can’t wait to see what other applications they find for this technology.”

The grant will allow the EAST Initiative to train 60 students from 30 different schools to use the Arduino units. Following the initial training, each of those schools will receive an Arduino kit, and students will be charged with training 10 classmates to use them as well. Additionally, the EAST Initiative will host future trainings next year and beyond using the other 20 starter kits.

“Our initial seed training alone will provide approximately 600 students with practical workforce skills such as coding and critical thinking, making them valuable assets to their schools, their communities and, ultimately, their future employers,” said Dozier.


About the EAST Initiative

The EAST Initiative is a nonprofit organization promoting a unique model in modern education. It is a project-based, service-learning oriented program that provides students with high-end technology available in the most progressive fields in the world. The EAST model provides today’s students with an educational atmosphere that allows them to gain insight into their own abilities to acquire and use information, solve problems and gain valuable experience. Since its inception in 1996, the EAST model has expanded to more than 220 schools in five states (Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania). For more information about the EAST Initiative, visit www.EASTinitiative.org.


About the Best Buy Foundation

As the leading provider of technology products and services, Best Buy is committed to igniting human potential and empowering people through technology. In the community, these efforts center around grassroots programs that support underserved teens by encouraging a passion for technology in future education and career choices. Since launching nearly a decade ago, Best Buy Teen Tech Centers and Geek Squad Academy camps have touched the lives of thousands of teens across the U.S. and Canada.


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