EAST partners in Forge IDEA Challenge


EAST partners in Forge IDEA Challenge
8/12/2015 3:43:18 PM

JONESBORO -- Fifty of Northeast Arkansas’s finest 11th and 12th grade students will convene at Nettleton High School on October 3 for the inaugural Forge IDEA Challenge during the Arkansas Science Festival.

Part business competition, part space camp, the Forge IDEA Challenge gives students the chance to imagine innovative solutions for life on a fictional lunar colony. The challenge’s goal is to teach students the necessary skills to start their own entrepreneurial venture while inspiring them with visions of the future.


Forge Arkansas, a Jonesboro-based nonprofit, has partnered with the EAST Initiative and faculty at Arkansas State University to tap into the large body of technologically-minded students in Northeast Arkansas. Matt Dozier, president and CEO of the EAST Initiative, said he is excited what this could mean for this group of future entrepreneurial minds. “We can grow this event and fill up the Convocation Center,” Dozier said, dreaming out loud.


IDEA is an acronym for Innovators, Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists. The challenge's goal is to allow the “space explorers” to learn what it takes to fill one of these roles. Students will develop a business plan based on the “lean canvas” system, and they will learn:


  • How to develop and design websites and applications for successful marketing and branding campaigns.
  • How to produce hardware and software products with microcontrollers and 3D modeling and printing.
  • What it takes to run a successful startup and organize a team to materialize their goals.


For more information, contact:

Steven Trotter

Forge Arkansas

(870) 273-2849                       



About Us: Forge Arkansas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stimulating innovative and entrepreneurial activity by creating an inclusive, collaborative ecosystem in Northeast Arkansas. For more see http://www.forgearkansas.com/challenge.


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