EAST Core Student Technical Training Grants Announced


EAST Core Student Technical Training Grants Announced
10/23/2014 2:30:10 PM

The EAST Initiative is pleased to award more than $4,000 in advanced technical training to two EAST Core schools for educational STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) projects.

Star City High School and Harrisburg High School were awarded the EAST Core 2014 Student Technical Training grant offered by the EAST Initiative. These schools will receive student training that focuses on high-end technology and applying curricular concepts to solving real world problems.

Spencer Gay and Cody Roland’s Algebra I classes in Star City will be completing a project titled “It’s Tree-rific on the Trails at Cane Creek State Park.” Students will be assisting Seth Boone, the Cane Creek Park interpreter, with measuring: tree location, diameter, height, value, and health. To accomplish this, the students will apply some of the most important concepts from their Algebra I course including: creating equations, building functions, and interpreting equations. The data gathered by these 9th graders will be utilized in other math and science courses throughout the school.

Andrea Harder’s World Geography class is partnering with Frank Kraft, the Poinsett County emergency management coordinator, to create floodplain maps of each county in Arkansas and a combined map for the entire state. Students will not only learn how to interpret maps but will also be responsible for creating their own interactive maps that can be viewed online. Like Star City’s venture, this is also part of a larger, school-wide collaboration  that is focused on the study of weather across all subject areas.

To assist students in completing both of these projects, The EAST Initiative will work with each of the teachers to develop and provide advanced training to their students in the use of ArcGIS.



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