Change the Equation National STEM Summit


Change the Equation National STEM Summit
1/30/2015 3:09:31 PM

EAST staff member Dondi Jackson is representing the EAST Initiative at the Change the Equation National STEM Summit in Arlington, Va., featuring Keynote speaker Vice President Joe Biden.

Dondi Jackson, EAST Initiative Senior Director of Curricular Integration, is in Arlington, Va., this week attending Change the Equation's National STEM Summit, an invitation-only event that brings together members from some of America's Fortune 500 companies, STEMworks programs, state STEM networks and other STEM advocates.

The Vice President delivered remarks at the Summit as part of the Change the Equation's recognition of its member companies that have signed the Committment of Excellence in STEM. The Commitment demonstrates corporate America's collective resolve to strategically improve STEM learning and to position corporate America as a key stakeholder in the future of America's workforce.

Other guest speakers include CTEq Board Members Craig R. Barret (Chair, Retired CEO and Chairman, Intel), Jorge L. Benitez (CEO, Accenture US and Managing Director, Accenture North America) and Robert D. Marcus (Chair and CEO, Time Warner Cable).

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Vice President Joe Biden (Photo: Change the Equation Facebook)
Vice President Joe Biden (photo: Change the Equation)


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