Nettleton EAST students design billboards


Nettleton EAST students design billboards
4/29/2014 7:50:36 AM

EAST students at Nettleton Junior High and High Schools are improving their graphic design skills and serving their school district by creating billboards to promote the Nettleton School District in northeast Arkansas.

Submitted by Sandra Taylor and Anita Belew
EAST Facilitators

EAST programs at Nettleton Junior High School and Nettleton High School are collaborating with the Nettleton School district’s administration, school board, and Lamar Signs of Jonesboro to promote a positive image of their school district by using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create electronic billboards.

Danny Rainwater, a local graphic designer, is helping the Nettleton EAST students develop their own graphic design skills through feedback and suggestions during the designing process, allowing them to elevate the quality of their work and produce eye-catching billboards.

The EAST students were initially asked by the school district's public relations committee to create a Raider Pride billboard that, upon completion, was well-received by the community. The committee asked them to expand the project to create billboards for all the schools in the district to promote a variety of events, student accomplishments, and general district messages.

EAST students are provided plans for an upcoming event to develop the ideas and design for the billboard's layout. Their designs are then sent to Rainwater for final approval and feedback. After approval, the design is displayed on the electronic billboards in Jonesboro for the community to view.

Darryn, a ninth grade EAST student, was excited see her work as she and her mother drove by the billboards, even asking her mother to wait at the traffic light while all her billboard designs rotated through. Luke, a junior at Nettleton, said he and his friends stopped in a parking lot after prom to watch his designs on the electronic billboard. Other student billboard designers are Gabby, Kristen, Bethany and Adam.

Kristen, Bethany, and Darryn presented their billboard designs to the Nettleton district administration meeting and at the Nettleton Board meeting where they received accolades for their work. Darryn and Luke were also featured in the local newspaper for their designs.






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