Cedarville High School Receives Citations from House of Representatives


Cedarville High School Receives Citations from House of Representatives
2/24/2014 2:06:49 PM

Arkansas State Representative Charlene Fite recognizes EAST students' community service with a special citation from the House of Representatives.

Representative Charlene Fite presented the Health and Wellness team a citation for raising awareness on school-based health clinics in Arkansas and a citation to Justin Martin for his accomplishments in EAST. With parents and school administrators in attendance, Representative Fite expressed her appreciation to the EAST students for all their hard work and achievements.  

A citation was presented to Martin, Bailie Murphy, Zack Jordan and Katie Goines for winning the Arkansas Department of Health video competition and Maddy Armer for designing the sign for the new Cedarville School Health and Wellness Center. Collaborating with administrators, the team has been documenting the progress of the school clinic by filming and photographing the renovation and special events. Students are in the process of gathering information from the contracted doctors on statff to complete the web page.      

Martin received a citation for his accomplishments and for earning a position on the EAST Conference Technical Support team. The summer after his freshman year, Martin was hired as a student assistant to the technology coordinator for the school district. He serves as Head Student Administrator for the EAST class and keeps the technology running smoothly.

"Because of his passion for EAST and for technology, he has been an asset to the Cedarville campus and the EAST program," said Janice Taylor, Cedarville High School EAST Facilitator.



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