EAST Welcomes New EAST Core Team Member


EAST Welcomes New EAST Core Team Member
11/7/2013 11:45:40 AM

James Hopper, EAST Core STEM Coordinator

The EAST Initiative and EAST Core takes this opportunity to introduce James Hopper, M.S., as the newest member of our team.  


James comes to us from Nevada and will serve as our new STEM coordinator. His background in psychology, education and consultation with parents, teachers and children will be valuable to our team. James is also an experienced presenter at state, regional and national conferences and a published, peer-reviewed author. James’ extensive research skills and familiarity with statistical analysis will be used to help us complete evaluation studies on the effectiveness of the EAST Core programs. Additionally, James has previously worked assisting students in transition from high school to post-secondary education.


In his new role, James will be a resource to EAST Core facilitators and EAST Core students for STEM information, post-secondary educational opportunities for EAST students and will help create links between the classroom and the world of work for our students. James will also conduct on-site support at the EAST Core schools to help assess and build on the strengths of each program.



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