Winter Issue of EAST Quarterly Magazine is Now Available


Winter Issue of EAST Quarterly Magazine is Now Available
8/14/2013 4:52:46 PM

It's hot off the press! The winter issue of the EAST Initiative's quarterly magazine, EQ, is now available for your review.

EAST's National Conference is just around the corner, and the winter issue of EQ includes critical need-to-know logistical information, as well as links to the conference website for delving further into the details.

Projects profiled in this issue demonstrate at how EAST students have adopted the EAST philosophy of "seeing a problem and finding a solution" in response to tragedies in their communities and their personal lives. Students in EAST at Vilonia High School were integrally involved in designing a safe room in their school that will shelter roughly one third of their community following a devastating tornado that claimed five lives a little over a year ago. In Oklahoma, a student in the EAST program at Indian Capital Technology Center was motivated by the untimely death of a friend to create a project to educate fellow students on the dangers of texting and driving.

This issue also includes the thoughts and reflections of two of Arkansas's EAST Core teachers mid-way through their first year of implementing the new education model. Peer into the these pioneer classrooms and learn more about the rewards and challenges of being the "first" to tackle this new national effort to prepare students for the twenty-first century. 

The 2012 edition of EAST Night Out was enormously successful in schools around the country. View photos from 24 EAST programs that include links to larger albums covering their individual events. News coverage from six events is also available for your viewing pleasure via clickable links within these pages.

Douglas Rushkoff's blog on the necessity of gaining code literacy in a digital world not only makes the case for the effort, but also offers up a free, interactive online learning solution if you are interested.

The EAST stories of our board chair Prakash Jalihal, staff member Tim Van Dusen, and early adopter Allison Nicholas are featured along with our regular highlights of facilitator profiles, alumni stories, and upcoming training opportunities.

Just as the sun always rises in the eastern sky, the dreams and opportunities for students rise in the EAST Initiative. Learn more about these outstanding students and the organization committed to preparing them for the future in the winter issue of EAST Quarterly.


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