EAST® on iTunes U Debuts


EAST® on iTunes U Debuts
8/14/2013 3:05:20 PM

EAST® Initiative and The Arkansas Department of Education are collaborating with EAST classes across the State of Arkansas on courses available for download on iTunes U.

EAST®, along with the Arkansas Department of Education are proud to announce EAST on iTunes U. A new series of EAST initiative short courses, videos, classes, and projects downloadable via the iTunes U platform. All EAST classes are invited to upload their own material and podcasts to the EAST on iTunes U platform. There are a series of instructional guides, how-to's and tips on what to do at the following link: http://adepodcast.arkansas.gov/

We at EAST are very excited to see what the students and facilitators in the EAST classrooms come up with! To start the process off, we have a series of podcasts and courses already on the server for you to see. To contribute to the EAST Collections and see what we've already uploaded, check out what is currently available for download.



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