EAST at West Fork Middle School needs your help! Every vote counts!


EAST at West Fork Middle School needs your help! Every vote counts!
8/14/2013 3:08:40 PM

EAST at West Fork Middle School needs your help to win $25,000 for its program. Show the influence of EAST students and help them out today!

West Fork Middle School EAST students were driven by the desire to help their local foster home and also possibly win $25,000, and now they are close to that reality. This all started with a simple service project to trim hedges and stain the deck of the Tommy Jones Emergency Receiving Home (which is one of a network of emergency receiving homes provide immediate sanctuary for children in need of emergency care) in West Fork, Arkansas. After conducting some research and contacting the director of the "Tommy House", EAST students developed an action plan which included contacting local home improvement stores to receive donations for supplies needed. Home Depot gladly supported this project and donated all the supplies (a gallon of stain, paint brushes, paint trays, and more) for this project.  West Fork EAST would like to wish a big thanks to Home Depot for being so generous and making a difference in our local community. 

Now, we get to the $25,000 part of the story. In order to compete in the Windstream competition this project had to be well documented, EAST students set up an interview with the Tommy Jones Receiving house director and EAST students involved in the project.  They also took before and after pictures.  After completing the project the students they then created a video using Final Cut Pro and iMovie.  The end result can be seen by going to schoolswin.windstream.com/finalist/WFRKAR and then clicking on the third tab at the bottom. 


Please go to this site and vote to show how EAST students really can make a difference! Good luck, West Fork Middle EAST! 


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