Mammoth Spring EAST Gets Their Hands Dirty


Mammoth Spring EAST Gets Their Hands Dirty
8/14/2013 3:09:16 PM

Mammoth Spring High School EAST Students are trying to enrich a local creek using green methods.

Mammoth Spring High School EAST students recently planted nine Tulip Poplar trees to stop erosion along the Town Branch Creek in downtown Mammoth Spring, Arkansas.  These EAST students are part of the Mammoth Springs Stream Team (a functioning arm of the Arkansas Game & Fish Stream Team, which is committed to conservation of lakes and rivers in the state.) and are working to improve the water quality in the creek. 

In addition to planting trees, students began regularly pick up trash from the creek bank. Mammoth Spring City workers and Charles Vaughn of Mammoth Spring nursery assisted the students with the planting process.  The students have also been actively involved in numerous projects to benefit the city including weeding an herb garden, spreading mulch, decorating for fall and working in the food pantry.  

Computerized Colorimeter water testing to gauge water quality will happen monthly and results will be recorded. If the quality of the water lessens, the team will investigate potential reasons and find solutions to bring the quality of the creek water back up to an acceptable level. 


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