Wynne High EAST pledges to "X the Text"


Wynne High EAST pledges to "X the Text"
8/14/2013 3:09:32 PM

Wynne High School's EAST Class worked together recently with a local Allstate agent in a program to get teens and adults to pledge not to text while driving.

Wynne High School EAST students decided to promote safe driving at their high school by working with Kimberly McCoy, a local Allstate Insurance agent, in an "X the Text" campaign. X the Text is a campaign promoted by Allstate Insurance where students are encouraged to give their thumbprint, sign a pledge card and agree to not text and drive. In exchange students are given a thumb ring that reads "Texting Kills." 

Two EAST students put this project together, making the necessary contacts and receiving permission from school administration to hold an assembly during school hours. The students also created an X the Text brochure under the guidance of Allstate agent Kimberly McCoy.  The brochure outlines statistics on texting deaths and injuries and was handed out to the student body prior to the start of the assembly. During the assembly the students were shown the AT&T video entitled “The Last Text”, which gives testimony from people who have been affected by accidents involving texting and driving. 

The scheduled guest speaker was Courtney Myers from McCrory, Arkansas. Courtney is paralyzed from her waist down and is confined in a wheel chair.  Her injuries were sustained from an automobile accident that resulted from her texting and driving while on her way to work. Courtney explained her story and the consequences of her decision to text and drive. 

After the assembly students were asked to make their own pledges to X the Text.  A large portion of the student body agreed to take the pledge and place their thumbprints on posters that are now hung up in the school as a reminder of their promise.  It was decided there to make X the Text part of Wynne High's annual EAST Night Out. Vistors were asked to make their pledge, and brochures were handed out along with the texting rings.  The students are also going to attend a Wynne Sr. High Yellow Jacket Home Football game and accept pledges from the people in attendance.  

This is a great mission and will hopefully lead to a safer driving experience for many people. Good work, Wynne High!


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