Nettleton EAST help with "Kans for Kids"


Nettleton EAST help with "Kans for Kids"
8/14/2013 3:10:26 PM

Nettleton High EAST Students team with Leadership Jonesboro to help out Kans for Kids.

Leadership Jonesboro contacted Nettleton EAST to ask for help in sharing their community service project, Kans for Kids, in a video presentation. Students met with Kans for Kids representative Angie Carlton to learn about the Kans for Kids project, and brainstormed possible presentation ideas. They decided that the best way to share the story was to interview each leadership team member, and to simulate a flash mob canned food dance at a local grocery store.

A group of EAST students choreographed the flash mob scene. Other EAST students were busy creating music in FL Studio to be used for the flash mob. A team of junior high and senior high students met with the leadership Jonesboro team at Harps grocery store to shoot the footage to be used in the video presentation. The students used several types of video equipment such as the EAST Canon video camera and several Zoom flip cameras. After the footage was collected, three groups of students worked using iMovie to create three separate preliminary presentations to be viewed the leadership team. Each group was given creative license in planning their video.

The students encountered several problems. Much of the footage was unusable because of the sound quality and background noises during the interviews. And because of the presentation information needs and time constraints, students struggled to select sound bytes which covered the required topics and still meet the time requirements.

The Leadership Jonesboro team came to view the three videos and were impressed with students work and liked different parts of all three videos. The students took the leadership team's suggestions and collaborated with Nettleton Radio TV using Final Cut Pro to edit the final version. The video was used in the team's presentations and viewed by over four hundred community leaders.


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