EAST After Hours: Round 3 Recipients Named


EAST After Hours: Round 3 Recipients Named
8/9/2013 12:53:20 PM

EAST Initiative is pleased to announce the following grants awarded in the round III EAH grant cycle. Congratulations to the award winning schools!

EAH grants are awarded in cooperation with the Southeast Educational Cooperative and Arkansas Department of Education.

Any K-12 Arkansas EAST Program is eligible to apply for an EAST After Hours Grant. Proposal consideration for a single EAST Program project may be funded up to $10,000 and a consortium of at least (4) four EAST Programs [one project proposal] may be funded up to $40,000 for the consortium project.


EAH Grant Recipients

The EAST Initiative is pleased to announce the following grants awarded in the round III EAH grant cycle. 


  • Arkansas Veterans History , Har-ber High School, Cedarville High School, Fayetteville High School, and Springdale High School consortium.  Har-ber, Cedarville, Fayetteville and Springdale High Schools will be collaborating to preserve the oral history of Arkansas Veterans through their EAST programs.  The schools will be partnering with the Pryor Center at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  The EAST students will interview the Veterans, scan and record pictures/documents, and teach their peers and the community how to interview and video record in the hopes of creating an outreach program.  The raw footage will be presented to the Pryor Center, and the edited videos to family members, museums, and the Library of Congress.
  • Get WETT at AHS, Arkadelphia High School. Arkadelphia High School EAST program will begin Wednesday EAST Technology Training (WETT) in the EAST Lab Classroom.  Each Wednesday after school is designated for a different group.  The first Wednesday is designated for a Community group, including senior adult center, Boys and Girls Club classes, Group Living clients, and AHS Parents; the second Wednesday for individuals training to take their Career Readiness Certificate Exam for the state of Arkansas; the third Wednesday for teachers in the Arkadelphia Public School System; and the fourth Wednesday for Gifted and Talented students from the elementary and middle schools.
  • Education IOS APPS for iPad and iPod Touch, Cave City High School. EAST students will create educational IOS apps for on campus Elementary, Middle, and High School students.  Our district has agreed to purchase a cart of 25 iPads for each grade, 1 cart per grade K-8.  Grades 9-12 will receive 3 carts of 25 iPads, emphasis being given to math, science, literacy, and history classrooms.  EAST students will develop grade specific, content specific apps to be used by students at no charge on the provided iPads.  These apps will use technology to raise student success in the classroom and on standardized test.  The apps will be free for on campus classrooms.
  • S.W.A.T. Team’s First Annual Teacher Tech Camp, Conway High School EAST. Inspired by the implementation of the new Common Core State Standards, Conway EAST students have decided to be proactive in helping teachers integrate technology and project-based learning into their classrooms.  This year, we will host the First-annual Teacher Tech Camp.  We have formed a task force known as the S.W.A.T. Team (Students Working Alongside Teachers) to focus on two main tasks:  (1) using the hardware and software already available in classrooms and (2) searching out the newest technologies to help teachers create engaging and innovative lessons.
  • Literacy Counts in Dardanelle, Dardanelle High School EAST. The “Literacy Counts at Dardanelle” project is designed to promote the district’s priority for literacy as described in the Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (ACSIP).  The district’s literacy programs will be provided to the community with online access to visuals of our school libraries and interviews from school administrators outlining the literacy programs.  The Dardanelle District Parent Center and the Arkansas Valley Regional Library in Dardanelle will be included to promote literacy in the community and to reach out to the parents of our children in our community.  The goal of the project is to create virtual reality products of district libraries and video podcasts describing the individual schools’ literacy programs.
  • Our House Digital Create Camp, eStem High School EAST. Given the school’s location in downtown Little Rock, eStem students are well aware of the problem of homelessness.  For their EAST After Hours Project, eStem students would like to reach out to homeless children living at Our House shelter to not only teach them important technology skills, but also give these children an outlet for creative expression through digital and multimedia arts – digital music, animation, and digital video.  Working after school weekly, along with periodic weekend extended sessions, eStem EAST students will teach children at Our House the technological skills to create their own videos, digital music and animations.
  • Today, Tomorrow – Climate Call to Action, Eureka Springs High School EAST. To expand the energy campaign we implemented in July 2011, we will measure and assess thermal energy preservation qualities of local schools, homes and commercial buildings.  Our team will work with professionals and community leaders develop a City Climate Change Plan.  Our team will create analytical maps, posters, brochures, videos, virtual and augmented reality tours.  These informational materials will include the data and graphical analysis of our City’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory, assessed hot spots and thermal energy test areas.  These materials will enhance the proposed energy efficiency demonstration stie which will display and share all our energy information.
  • Gardner EAST students help teachers create podcast for iTunes University, Gardner EAST Elementary School EAST. Gardner EAST students begin by attending a video camp presented by high school EAST mentors.  This core group will go from attendees to “camp counselors” as they take what they learn and put it into action hosting camps for other students from Gardner EAST.  Once trained and seasoned, stuents will offer professional development for our staff in video production.  Staff videos will then become podcast that can be shared through iTunes University and will provide downloadable content to computers or portable mp3 players for use in other classrooms or schools.
  • Improving Sustainability through Thermal Imaging Technology, Green Forest EAST. The Green Forest EAST Program will launch a Greener Home Assessment Program (GHAP) as a public service to our community.  GHAP will train student teams to assess the thermal energy preservation qualities of residential and business structures.  After GHAP training, student teams will assess residential and commercial buildings in the community.  Each team will provide the building’s owner (Client) with written documentation and images of where thermal energy is leaking through doors, windows and eaves; and how energy conservation can be implemented through insulation and sealing techniques.  Homeowners will also be left with additional state and federal weatherization program to aid low-income families.
  • Fire Hydrant Mapping for Greenbrier , Greenbrier  High School EAST.  Greenbrier EAST students are working collaboratively with the Greenbrier Fire Chief to create a map of the fire hydrants for our city.  When the new Greenbrier Fire Chief was appointed, he learned that there was no map, nor had ever been a map created of the existing city fire hydrant locations.  After discovering this problem, he contacted our EAST lab to see if we could provide a solution.  We are excited to take on the challenge to provide a map that can protect and benefit our community but at the same time provide a much needed service for our volunteer fire department.
  • Watts for Wildcats, Har-Ber High School EAST.  This project will be geared to promote energy efficiency in the Springdale School District.  We will focus on making the public aware of energy problems native to our region and we will educate them on how to take care of these issues.  Our team is partnering with the University of Arkansas to innovate what technology and techniques are used to address environmental concerns.  We will conduct reasonable amount of research to find out the economic solutions we can find in the Springdale School District.
  • Making Reading Fun Across Poinsett County, Harrisburg Middle School EAST.  Harrisburg Middle School EAST will be “Making Reading Fun Across Poinsett County.”  The county network of libraries consists of branches in Harrisburg, Lepanto, Marked Tree, and Weiner.  These libraries offer many services and activities to their communities.  But the librarians agree that they need intriguing ways to reach their community members and struggle to implement the technology their visitors crave.  Thus, in a collaborative effort to make reading fun, to bring in more visitors, and to publicize information, HMS EAST will create Virtual Reality tours; write, publish and showcase Augmented Reality books; and document the wide array of library activities.
  • Hartford High School Community Project, Hartford High School EAST.  EAST students will offer free training to the community to learn: 1.) the basics of computers; 2.) software – Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access; 3.)  the basics of digital cameras; and 4.)  sharing digital photos using e-mail, PhotoStory, or other digital photo album.  We will offer weekly classes and the community can enroll in the class of their choice.  This will allow a variety of options to meet the needs of the community. 
  • Haven of Rest Cemetery Mapping Project, Henderson Magnet Middle School EAST.  The Haven of Rest Cemetery located at 7102 W. 12th st., is the resting place of some well-noted Black Arkansans.  For example, Daisy Gatson Bates is laid to rest there.  The cemetery has been placed in receivership.  Friends of Haven Rest, a concerned citizen group, was created to help preserve the cemetery.  Our contact person for this organization is Mr. BJ McCoy.  We would like to map the cemetery using GIS/GPS equipment.  The students will take pictures of the headstones.  The pictures will be added to a database with biographical information about each person.  This would help the community, educational organizations, and others learn about the heritage of the people buried in this cemetery.
  • Programming for Poverty, Hot Springs High School EAST.  Students will develop a data solution to address the misuse of local nonprofit organizations with the goal of feeding and clothing the less fortunate.  Student will be working with technology professionals, acting as mentors.  Together they will use programming tools to create an online database that will track where, how and when people receive assistance.  The goal is to stop people from receiving assistance from multiple organizations at the same time, which will in turn allow the organizations to meet everyone’s needs.  Many food bank programs in the Garland County area are facing this problem.
  • iPad 2 Fun, Jessieville High School EAST.  iPad 2 Fun will be an exciting learning experience for Kindergarten through 5th grade students, their teachers and their parents.  Current EAST students will teach how to effectively operate iPads for educational use.  The classes will be held at the Jessieville Elementary Discovery After-School Program and at Paul Bewie Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  Both will be held in the spring semester, once a week for 2 hours.  In addition to this program, EAST students will also volunteer their time to teach these skills in the Jessieville High School Life Skills classroom.
  • Real World Tech Camp, Robinson Middle School EAST.  Robinson Middle School EAST students want to host a four-session technology camp for fifth graders from each of our four feeder schools.  The goal of this camp is to introduce them to real-world technology with instruction on video editing, and virtual reality.  Elementary students first will attend three technology instruction sessions and then in the last session they will be able to show off their work to parents and community.  This program will allow students to experience problem solving and real world technology before they are able to actually take an EAST class.
  • Native Prairie Plant Initiative, Lonoke Middle School EAST.  Lonoke Middle School will be working with UAPB Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, and Audubon of Arkansas to create public service announcements, short documentaries, and in formational media to raise awareness about Native Prairie Plant species, their importance, how to restore such species, and how farmers can receive funding for supporting these native species.  We will work with the researchers at UAPB to demonstrate how to plant/identify/restore such species, and the importance of the Grand Prairie that is disappearing due to land development, invasive species, and lack of funding.  Audubon and the Natural Heritage Commission will provide support/outreach/training and host final media products.
  • Augmented HSC Virtual Museum, Malvern High School EAST.  The Malvern PRISM/EAST program, partnered with the Hot Spring County Museum (Boyle House), will create a website featuring virtual collections of pieces from the museum.  Collections will be developed based on time periods, such as the Civil War; on object types, such as dolls; and on subjects, such as the Gibbs family.  Web pages will contain augmented 3-dimensional images of the pieces, information, videos, and anything else (such as podcasts/pencasts) that would help students learn about artifacts and their place in history.  Guides will be developed with printable paddles to allow the viewer to “hold” the object in his/her hand.
  • Don’t Let It Scare You, Mammoth Spring High School EAST.  New technology can be scary to those who are unfamiliar with it.  EAST students embrace new technology and are eager to share their knowledge with others.  In this three part project, EAST students will develop a tutoring curriculum for elementary students using iPad’s.  Weekly tutoring sessions will be held.  Students will then prepare professional development for teachers showing them how to implement the use of technology such as iPad’s, iPod’s, interwrite tablets and Smartboards into the classroom.  Furthermore, students will visit the Senior Citizens Center and public library to teach technology skills to community members.
  • King EAST Young Preservationists (KEYP) Mapping and 3D book Workshops, M.L. King Elementary School EAST.  King EAST Young Preservationists (KEYP) Mapping and 3D Book Workshops developed from the Fraternal Cemetery/PAAC Project started in 2008 to help increase the awareness of cemetery preservation/historical importance to youth, particularly African-American youth because of their low participation in visiting cemeteries.  The project resulted in the establishment of PAAC Jr. Preservation Society, and KEYP is working to build membership at the school as model in the state through recruitment of youth as trainers and co-developers in Historical Mapping and 3D Book Workshops for local PAAC society members, teachers participating in the Little Rock School District History Academy, etc.
  • Technology Outreach Program, Morrilton High School EAST.  Appsolutely Outreach is an innovative way for at-risk students to become more technologically literate.  This program provides technology training to at-risk students to become more technologically literate.  This program provides technology training to at risk students through the use of iPads.  This will allow students to become digital leaders in an ever increasingly technology embedded world.
  • Green Fair Green Outreach, Pottsville High School EAST.  Pottsville EAST students will collaborate with the environmental science class, local businesses and community members to host a Green Fair.  EAST students will work with the science students to prepare booths with information about energy efficiency and how to videos for this event.  They will also contact local agencies and business to enhance the event and secure a key note speaker.  After the Green Fair, EAST students will then begin a second phase of the project by reaching community members not in attendance.  The plan to use various methods to reach everyone with energy-saving information and techniques.  As the students work in partnership with city officials and with one another it will provide an excellent opportunity for student growth and for enhancements of job skill sets.  This project will be very helpful and have the potential to save energy and instruct members of the Pottsville community that saving energy also saves money.
  • Civil War Augmented Reality Project, Prairie Grove Middle School EAST.  With our Augmented Reality Civil War project, we hope to bring a new, innovative way to learn about the history of our town and of the Civil War battle that happened here, to the thousands of tourists and students who visit the Hindman Museum every year.  Visiting the museum and learning about relics from the battle are interesting, but holding a holographic relic from the battle in your hands, one that is digitally created by students and that captures the true essence and spirit of December 7, 1862 will bring the museum and the battle into the 21st Century.
  • Solar Flowers, Rison Junior. High School EAST.  The “Solar Flowers” project is a collaboration of two Jr. High EAST teams, the school agricultural department, and community members.  Using renewable energy, the students will help beautify the school.  The landscaping result of the project is only an added feature; the true project is educating the community and the students on the important of conserving and reusing energy.
  • Project iPad, Russellville Junior High School EAST.  Russellville Junior High EAST will collaborate with the Pope County Senior Activity Center.  This center attracts individuals who are 60 years of age and older.  We will take iPads out to this center and teach these seniors how to send emails, pictures, and videos to their family and friends, along with other applications.  We will meet every Monday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. through the months of October and November.  We will create attractive flyers to mail out, create a PSA for the local radio station, and put an ad in the center’s newsletter for seniors to sign up each week.
  • Searcy Fire Hydrants Tagged Virtually and with Global Position, Searcy High School EAST.  Searcy High EAST students will collaborate with CAST and Searcy Fire Department to update fire hydrant map, mark each hydrant’s global position, create a virtual tour/picture of each hydrant and update the City of Searcy street map.  The project will benefit the Searcy Fire Department as they respond to the Searcy population – approximately 20,000 during the evening and 35,000 during the day.  Final product will be presented to the Searcy Fire Department and offered to the City of Searcy and Searcy Area Chamber of Commerce for their websites.  Additionally EAST students will upload it to wecantakeyouthere.com and eastproject.org.
  • Fourche Pollinator Garden Documentary, Two Rivers High School EAST.  The Two Rivers High School EAST plans to form a partnership with the National Forest Service’s new Pollinator Garden in Danville Arkansas.  The plan is to document the new garden’s growth and changes through the seasons in video, still, VRDL, GIS and GPS.  The information gathered will be used by the National Parks Service for the general public.  The students plan to interview the staff of the garden on the purpose of the garden and the need of one in this area.
  • Weiner Main, Weiner High School EAST.  Where is the water?  Where are the water lines, water valves, fire hydrants, and manholes to be more specific?  In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or tornado, all the city maps of Weiner could be lost or could become inaccurate or irrelevant with the loss of certain landmarks.  The WHS EAST After Hours team will serve the Weiner City Hall and Weiner community by updating the layout map created in 1972 with a more current map using GPS for locations and CAD software for design.


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