Lonoke Middle EAST Awarded Funding for Prairie Project


Lonoke Middle EAST Awarded Funding for Prairie Project
10/6/2011 2:32:13 PM

Lonoke Middle School's EAST Classes are teaming up with several big names to raise awareness about the disappearance of important prairie lands in Arkansas. Read more...

A bee on a flower in Arkansas' Grand Prairie, the location of a documentary to be shot by Lonoke Middle School's EAST Classes.

Lonoke Middle School EAST classes have been awarded funding to complete a Native Prairie Plant Initiative project.  Middle School EAST classes will be working with the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff (UAPB) farm in Lonoke, Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, and Audubon of Arkansas to create public service announcements, short documentaries, and informational media to raise awareness about Native Prairie Plant species, their importance, how to restore such species, and also how farmers can receive funding for supporting these native species.  Middle School EAST classes will work with the researchers at UAPB to demonstrate how to plant/identify/restore such species, and the importance of the Grand Prairie, which is disappearing due to land development, invasive species, and lack of funding. 

"This project is important economically to disadvantaged farmers; it is also environmentally important to have native grass seed that reflects the local Grand Prairie genotype." says Andrew Duncan, Lonoke Middle School EAST Facilitator.  All media produced by the Lonoke Middle EAST program will be hosted by Audubon Arkansas, The Natural Heritage Commission, and will also be uploaded to YouTube.  This EAST After Hours project is funded by the Enhancing Education Through Technology grant made possible by the Arkansas Department of Education and is done in cooperation with the Southeast Educational Service Cooperative and the EAST Initiative.


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