Green Forest EAST Keeps Racking Up Achievements


Green Forest EAST Keeps Racking Up Achievements
8/9/2013 12:54:00 PM

Green Forest Middle School's EAST Program has had a busy month. Awards, Grants, and achievements are standard issue for a group of kids so dedicated to the EAST method.

Green Forest Middle School's EAST Program is winning grants, awards and achievements almost faster than we can post news about them! They were on the front page last week for their big win of both Silver and Bronze stars from the National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools program, and they've now added two more achievements to the growing list.


True Value "Painting a Brighter Future" grant goes to Green Forest EAST

Green Forest students Kenley and Payton found out through research that more than 14 million American children attend deteriorating schools, and that about 30 percent of rural, 38 percent of urban and 29 percent of suburban schools have at least one building requiring extensive they decided to do something about it. 

They spent last spring going through the Green Forest School District campus photographing and documenting buildings with peeling and fading paint and then applied for the True Value "Painting a Brighter Future" Grant.  The True Value Foundation (through their local True Value Tanner's Hardware store) provided the support in granting the school district 40 gallons of first quality outdoor paint.  Green Forest EAST was the only district in the state of Arkansas to receive this award.

Green Forest EAST are "Heroes" of the Year

On September 24, 2011, the Green Forest Chamber of Commerce's President Cassie Smith awarded the "2011 Community Hero of the Year" to the Green Forest EAST Initiative for the broad range of community service projects they've developed throughout their town. Some of the projects include developing web pages for both the City and Chamber of Commerce.  EAST members have also assisted Green Forest Animal Control officer Verlin Griggs in the treatment, care and adoption of shelter animals.  At the end of September, Green Forest EAST hosted a food and animal toy drive for the animal shelter to help offset cost of caring for the animals housed there.


Green Forest EAST receives grants, builds Weather Station

Green Forest EAST students researched and assisted in writing grants to establish a weather station in the Green Forest EAST technology room. A Davis Vue weather station monitor and outdoor equipment came from a Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Grant with software donated through a Donor STEM Grant funded by the Disney Planet Challenge program.

The purpose of this project was to create a local weather station capable of being accessed by community members through the internet.  Green Forest's rural community -- who have been hit by two devastating tornadoes and multiple ice storms in the past -- has to rely on outside news media for weather reporting. The nearest television station is over sixty miles away making weather reporting accuracy questionable and establishing a need for more accurate and localized reporting. 

Green Forest's new weather station software gives more in-depth abilities to reliably report weather patterns over time. Using the software, it is also possible to set alarms for severe weather alerts so that the Green Forest school, school district and community can be warned before severe conditions arise. Green Forest can also share their data with the National Weather Service, helping to improve their prediction models through the citizen Weather Observer program. Green Forest will also be able to participate in an international weather science educational program supported by NASA and NSA called The GLOBE.

Green Forest's EAST students will be creating their own weather Website and will be posting weather news and updates to their community. 


Congratulations to Green Forest Middle School and their Facilitator Warren Utsler for all their hard work!


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