Find Your Own GeoMentor


Find Your Own GeoMentor
9/2/2011 10:09:57 AM

Sign up to find a volunteer (GeoMentor) that will help your students develop skills in geographic thinking.

National Georgraphic and ESRI are offering an exciting new opportunity for EAST Schools to help teach and inspire their students! The GeoMentor Program pairs a volunteer, or GeoMentor, with a school in order to help students solve geographic problems and develop their own skills. 

GeoMentors can be anyone who uses geography, understands the importance of geography, and is interested in helping young people. These volunteers include mapmakers, local government workers, architects, engineers, and much more. 

EAST educators are encouraged to sign their school up for this unique opportunity. The process is quick and simple.

All you need is an ESRI Global ID. Creating an ESRI Global ID is free and only requires a valid email address.

Login using your ESRI Global ID.

Once logged in, register or update your status as an educator seeking a GeoMentor.


It's that simple!

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