Prairie Grove Middle School is Stopping Crime One EAST Project at a Time


Prairie Grove Middle School is Stopping Crime One EAST Project at a Time
8/14/2013 3:26:11 PM

Teen takes bullying and school crime serious- works with community business and local police department to create anonymous hotline and email address for student use.

The first week of school for 8th grade EAST II student, Cole W. was “just another day at the office” as he picked up right where he left, project wise, from his summer vacation.  Cole partnered with our S.R.O. (School Resource Officer) Cpl. Jeff O’Brien and our local telephone company to create an anonymous hotline phone number that students could call, while at school and at home, if they saw or heard of any bullying, vandalism, theft, drug usage or sales, weapons violations, or other criminal misbehaviors that could impact student wellbeing and learning while on campus. 

After selecting and securing an anonymous hotline number from our local telephone company, Cole used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to design a poster that would inform the PGMS staff and student body about the anti-violence stand that he and others are taking on our school campus. His poster includes the new hotline number along with our newly acquired crime stoppers email address  so students can anonymously report crime tips whenever they happen; tips go directly to our S.R.O.’s phone and email account so he will know immediately when a situation on campus needs his attention.  “Sometimes, kids are afraid to tell what they know, what they hear about in the halls, or what they see at school for fear of retribution by their peers…” said Officer O’Brien, S.R.O. for the school district.  “This is a way for kids to send me tips anonymously so I can respond swiftly and accordingly, and hopefully prevent a serious situation before it starts.”

Information concerning the new hotline number and crime stoppers email address will soon be placed on individual teacher web pages district wide; on posters in the halls and in every classroom, on the district homepage, on flyers that will go home with the student body, and in the local newspaper to inform the entire community.


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