Students Go to the Mountaintop... Mt. Nebo State Park


Students Go to the Mountaintop... Mt. Nebo State Park
7/1/2011 8:58:09 AM

Dardanelle EAST students bring the mountain’s natural environment into the virtual world.

Dardanelle High School EAST students Tanner C. (team leader), Logan, Dalton, Jayde, Erik, and Tanner F. recently completed their Mt. Nebo in Virtual Reality EAST project. The project is the result of an EAST After Hours Grant provided by the EAST Initiative, in cooperation with the Southeast Educational Cooperative and the Arkansas Department of Education, for EAST students to work on real-world problems outside the typical classroom.

The objective Mt. Nebo in Virtual Reality project was two-fold: first, to bring Mt. Nebo State Park, a natural mountain community, to the virtual world and secondly, to provide visitors with an appreciation of nature, the environment, and the historical value of the area through video podcasts.

Michael Hall, Park Superintendent, and park personnel Robin Webb, Holly Moore and Laura Tucker provided access to historical information and to buildings for work on the mountain. Mary Smith, Audubon Arkansas Educational Director, informed the students about the natural environment, and Mt. Nebo resident Mrs. Judy Prince provided the students with a personal historical account of living on the mountain.

The virtual reality products were provided to the park to show visuals of the buildings, cabins and various areas on the mountain to viewers remotely. Erik and Dalton created the VRDL products.

The video podcasts include information about the mountain, including a resident’s story of living on the mountain, the work of the CCC after World War I, the current facilities available to visitors, the natural environment, a short narrative of the mountain’s history, and the physical description of the mountain. Tanner C. was the narrator of the videos and, along with Logan and Tanner F., edited the video. Jayde and Tanner F. served as videographers and Dalton provided still photography.

Exploring Mt. Nebo, Facilities of Mt. Nebo, Natural Mountain, The CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps, My Life on the Mountain presented by Mrs. Judy Prince, and History of the Mountain can be viewed from the project website:

The students found the project very rewarding. Team leader Tanner C. said, “Spending time on Mt. Nebo gave me a new appreciation for the outdoors and our area’s history.” Erik and Tanner F. enjoyed the experience of learning and working with VRDL and podcast software and equipment. Jayde and Dalton said, “This project provided us with a new appreciation of… working on a project that is valuable to the community.”

Park Superintendent Hall said the park will use these products to continue to promote the facility. Park personnel were appreciative of the students’ work and are already sending podcast links to people who visit the mountain.




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