Student Gets Graphic Design Experience in EAST


Student Gets Graphic Design Experience in EAST
5/26/2011 3:28:52 PM

Dardanelle EAST student uses Adobe Illustrator to create eye-catching art for “clients”.

Dardanelle EAST Student Being Creative:

DHS EAST student Toby was recently asked to do two graphic design projects. 

One was the design for a Dardanelle Middle School T-shirt. Every year, DMS celebrates the ending of the school year with a uniquely designed T-shirt for students. Toby was happy to provide the final art for this year’s shirt.

He was also asked to create a new visual for a credit card to be used to celebrate Dardanelle Public Schools in the community. Liberty Bank Vice-president Michael Witt said of his design: “Toby provided us with several to choose from but we feel that the “Lizard Pride” will promote community pride for our schools.”  

Toby created vector (line) art  for both designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Sandy Williams, Dardanelle EAST facilitator, states that Toby’s creative work is never-ending. “He is always coming to class with ‘Ms. Williams… I have another project. I gotta go see… ’ .”


Toby with Mrs. Styles, DMS T-shirt sponsor.


Toby’s Lizard Pride credit card design.


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