Dardanelle “Heroes” Promote Literacy, Provide Positive Role Models


Dardanelle “Heroes” Promote Literacy, Provide Positive Role Models
5/2/2011 9:46:30 AM

EAST technical, graphic design skills used to create “Our Heroes” sports cards for primary students.

Dardanelle high school sports athletes were “Our Heroes” for Literacy Day, held recently at the primary school. In a project combining school sports and “hero worship” with the EAST essentials of self-direction, teamwork, service and technology, the high school students provided positive role models for younger students.

“I didn’t realize how high the level of influence we can have over younger students” mentioned EAST student Dillon as he and other senior football players spent a day at the Dardanelle Primary School.

EAST students Elon and Haley organized the day by working with Mrs. Walters, the school counselor. The “Heroes” were assigned to specific classrooms for the morning, reading to the students from selections made by the classroom teachers.

At lunch time, the athletes passed out autographed sports cards created in Photoshop by EAST students, using images from the past footbal season.

The day finished out with the primary students and athletes playing a bit of basketball.




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