Students Use Initiative, EAST Skills to Stage First Health and Safety Fair


Students Use Initiative, EAST Skills to Stage First Health and Safety Fair
4/4/2011 11:05:01 AM

Treasure Your Health and Safety is theme of inaugural fair for students in grades 7-9.

EAST students Jared, Chasidee and Bradley made a promise to themselves last year to help as many of their fellow students as they could. To fulfill this promise, they coordinated a team of EAST students to address health and safety issues at a Health & Safety Fair held on February 17 at Gill Gym.

Theme for the event was “Treasure Your Health and Safety.” Lisa Branson, school nurse for the district, worked with the EAST students to organize the event. Booth exhibitors were Delta A-HEC, Daughters of Charity-Ark-Wellness Center (Gould), Dumas School District Parent Center, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Dumas EMS Unit, Family Consumers  Science, Dumas School District Resource officer, Arkansas Works Career Coach and the Dumas Volunteer Fire Dept.

Besides coming up with the concept, the EAST students used their graphic design skills and software to create all publicity and informational materials for the event. They designed and printed flyers and posters to advertise the event, as well as large-format posters for each booth, printing them on their classroom plotter.

The exhibitors set up displays for the students to visit during designated class periods. Students received information pertaining to staying healthy and taking care of themselves. Lots of door prizes and goody bags were given out during the course of the day.

The EAST class would like to thank everyone who helped make this project a success!
EAST students Jared, Bradley and Chassidee (not shown) spearheaded the effort for the health and safety fair at DJHS.

How to Save a Life: EMT David Carter of Dumas EMS demonstrates for DHJS students how to perform CPR at the inaugural EAST Lab Health & Safety Fair.


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