Greenwood High Students Use EAST Skills to Highlight Community Need


Greenwood High Students Use EAST Skills to Highlight Community Need
3/28/2011 9:12:14 AM

Students’ video of homeless community members prompts outpouring of help.

Greenwood High School EAST students Aubree R. and Morgan F. were inspired to help the area’s homeless population after participating in a homeless service project with their church this past winter. They saw how huge the need was for warm clothing for many unfortunate community members who were without enough winter clothing and blankets. The students wanted to do something about this problem, so they turned it into an EAST project.

Using the skills learned and equipment available in their EAST classroom, they filmed many members of the homeless community talking about their need. Using iMovie, Morgan and Aubree edited the footage to make a very moving video to encourage students to donate. The video was shown in many classes at the elementary and junior high and also during an assembly at the high school.

The outcome was tremendous. Countless items of gently worn clothing, coats, and blankets were donated, estimated at around 2,000 pounds. The donations were organized and later distributed through the students’ church in Fort Smith. There was even clothing left over, which was donated to the local Clothes Closet.




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