Dardanelle EAST Students Get/Give “Thumbs Up” in Arkansas Senate


Dardanelle EAST Students Get/Give “Thumbs Up” in Arkansas Senate
8/14/2013 4:22:54 PM

At the invitation of District 10 Senator Missy Irvin, students share texting project with Senate and are honored as 2011 EAST Founder’s Award winner.

“Texting While Driving Kills” and Dardanelle EAST students Tanner, Jessica, Kate, and Justin took this message to the Arkansas Senate recently. District 10 Senator Missy Irvin wanted to share the students’ message with her counterparts.

The Dardanelle students were acknowledged for their work in the area of texting and driving issues and shared a description of their project with Senate members. Each member received a “Thumbs Up” finger band, plus a pledge card urging “Don’t Become Intexticated While Driving”.

The finger bands were provided through an association of All-State Insurance and the Teen Leadership Coalition of Yell and Pope Counties, along with the work of the DHS SAUD (Students Against Underage Drinking) Coalition. The students also offered a “Thumbs Up” band to Governor Mike Beebe during a photo session.

The Dardanelle students were presented to the members of the Senate as the recipient of the Timothy R. Stephenson Founder’s Award at the recent 2011 EAST Conference in Hot Springs.

The “Don’t Become Intexticated” project is a direct result of the students working with the Teen Leadership Coalition of Yell and Pope Counties. The project—initially developed by Kate, Jessica, Chloe, and Tanner—included a recent weeklong emphasis at Dardanelle High school on the distracted driving issue among teens and adults. The team developed daily announcements, a commercial video shown throughout the school, posters, and contacted students directly, presenting them with pledge cards and “Thumbs Up” bands as reminders about the subject. 

SAUD team leader Tanner described the visit to the Senate: “I really enjoyed the opportunity that Senator Irvin gave us. Getting to share our project with the Senate will hopefully open their eyes to the passion that our group has for eliminating texting and driving.”





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