Hampton, Arkansas EAST presents: Not Worth Dying For!


Hampton, Arkansas EAST presents: Not Worth Dying For!
8/14/2013 4:27:05 PM

EAST students lead the way against texting while driving.

Team leaders from Hampton EAST, Ashley H. and Juliann L., organized and planned an assembly for grades 9-12 at Hampton High School about the importance of not texting while driving.  A video made in the UK was shown, illustrating how one text message caused a wreck that killed over 5 people. The students involved in the assembly were students enrolled in EAST, a class that focuses on student-driven service projects accomplished with teamwork and cutting-edge technology.

Seventeen Hampton High students read true stories of people who died from wrecks caused by using a cell phone while driving. The students read the stories at the beginning of the presentation.

Aside from the seventeen students that read stories, EAST students held a mock funeral for another student, Sydney R., involved in the presentation. She represented a young woman who died from a wreck the night before her wedding day caused by texting and driving.

EAST students created a PowerPoint collage of photos from Sydney’s life from a child to a teenager. Students used the plotter in EAST to display enlarged photos and collages of Sydney.  Bro. Clint Richie from First Baptist Church attended and gave an inspirational message. Students set up memorable items from Sydney’s life in the cafeteria board room. Students and community members walked through the room looking at memories from childhood to teenage years of Sydney.

After the ceremony, students were asked to think about the possible consequences of using a cell phone while driving and to make a promise to not text and drive. The ones who made that promise signed a pledge created by the EAST students on their way out of the assembly.

Over 100 students signed the pledge to not text and drive. A Hampton student commented in passing, “This is one of the best programs we have had at our school in a long time. It really made me think about how often I put my life and the lives of my friends in danger. I cannot bear the thought of losing a friend because of a text message. I hope the program touched other people the way it did me.”

EAST students used programs such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe PhotoShop, the HP plotter, PowerPoint and used state of the art video equipment to film the event. Students made contacts for ideas and to complete the project such as the Arkansas No Texting while Driving Coalition, the Attorney General’s office, and Craig O’Neil from Today’s THV. Students will be editing video from the program to be aired courtesy of Channel 11. Future notice will be given about air time.


For more information about this project and many more, contact EAST facilitator Tara Hogue at thogue@hampton.k12.ar.us.






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