Don’t Drive While InTEXTicated!


Don’t Drive While InTEXTicated!
8/14/2013 4:27:18 PM

Dardanelle EAST students address texting while driving issues.

Dardanelle EAST students Chloe, Kate, Jessica, and Tanner, as team members of the Students Against Underage Drinking Coalition, recently kicked off the “Don’t drive While InTEXTicated” week.

The project is designed to increase public awareness of the dangers of texting and driving, with promotional materials provided by All State Insurance. Dardanelle High School students were encouraged to “pledge” not to drive while being InTEXTIcated by participating in the All State Thumbs Up to X the TXT campaign. This event was promoted before and during the lunch periods on Tuesday and Wednesday of the week-long campaign.

By placing their thumb print on the TXTNG Kills poster, DHS students received a thumb ring inscribed with “Texting Kills”.

During the week-long event, the team created posters and handouts through the advisory period to bring awareness of the subject. Additionally, before school, announcements about the dangers of texting and driving were shared school-wide. During advisory on Thursday, the students viewed a video message from the team about the texting issue. The public service announcement created for this event was also shown. Other members of the SAUD team served as actors and editors for the PSA.

The technology used as tools for solving project challenges included PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere to create posters, handouts, and the video.

For the project goal, Jessica wished for their project to help the students of DHS to stop texting while driving. Kate said, “Texting and driving is so dangerous. It really upsets me that people want to send a text so bad that they take a chance at killing people.” Tanner mentioned, “Taking on this project has really helped me realize just how dangerous texting and driving is.” And Chloe added, “Texting while driving can be very harmful, especially to us students who are already distracted while driving by other things. So I hope that our project will make the students of DHS realize the harm of texting while driving.”

The DHS SAUD Coalition team works with the Pope and Yell County River Valley Prevention Coalition to address distracted driving concerns.



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