Each One, Teach One


Each One, Teach One
8/14/2013 4:28:49 PM

High school EAST students pass on knowledge in technology camp for elementary students.


February 1, 2011

Sherwood, Ark-- Sylvan Hills High School and North Pulaski High School EAST students are collaborating to facilitate a technology camp for the after-school program at the Bill Harmon Recreational Center in Sherwood.

The high school students have planned activities for the students in grades 3-5 that consist of: creating a virtual tour of the recreation center, geocaching, and creating their own music tracks. "We are so excited about bringing technology to the kids in an 'out of your seats, hands-on' way," says Henry Beard, a first year North Pulaski EAST student.

Additionally, the city of Sherwood will be able to add the virtual tour of the Recreational Center to their website, which will be the final project goal of the Tech Camp. North Pulaski and Sylvan Hills HS students will facilitate the creation of the tour and the musical accompaniment.

The camp began on February 1st and will continue until April 7. For two hours each week, high school students encourage the elementary school students to problem solve and think creatively in a similar spirit to their own EAST classes. North Pulaski and Sylvan Hills High School's EAST programs encourage students to help the community while using sophisticated technology. The students will run the technology camp in a similar fashion.

The project is funded by the EAST After Hours/Enhancing Education Through Technology grant made possible by the Arkansas Department of Education and is done in cooperation with the Southeast Educational Service Cooperative and the EAST Initiative.




*All minors in pictures have signed media permission forms on file at the Recreation Center and at the EAST programs.


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