Four NW Arkansas Schools Receive EAST After Hours Grant to Help Red Cross


Four NW Arkansas Schools Receive EAST After Hours Grant to Help Red Cross
8/14/2013 4:29:09 PM

Cedarville, Berryville, Springdale and Har-Ber High School EAST programs to assist NWA Red Cross through after-school program.

(Springdale, AR — January 30, 2011) Har-Ber High EAST students hosted a four school collaborative Advance Training work day on Wednesday, January 5th.  Six to eight students from Cedarville High, Springdale High, Berryville High and Har-Ber High gathered for an opportunity to learn more about GIS as well as to attend other training sessions offered to plan for an upcoming NWA Red Cross Project. 

Har-Ber High facilitator, Mrs. Debra Lamb, submitted an advance training application to CAST, Center of Advance Spatial Technology, at the U of A in Fayetteville on behalf of the four schools. Upon Acceptance, a date was decided upon to have the advance training and to begin preparing for assisting the NW Red Cross.  Robin Gregory, Geospatial Education Specialist, instructed the GIS Seminar.  The GIS class will enable students to create maps that identify potential shelters in 19 counties for NWA Red Cross. 

In addition, the students from each school divided up to take advantage of other training sessions in which they took the initiative to organize and assist with their project. These included Augmented Reality software, Virtual Reality software, and instruction on camera use.

Teresa’ Mosley, of Bedford’s Camera and Video in Rogers, conducted a training session on how to get the desired photo needed when dealing with indoor and outdoor lights and various weather conditions using various cameras brought from the schools.  The students had a chance to practice and ask questions that will later assist them on projects.

In addition, server administration from Har-Ber High, Chase Stepp and Tyler Gonzalez, set up a webinar on Skype where Mr. Scott Jochim, of Digital Frontier, worked with students using their Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software and equipment.  Mr. Jochim was able to instruct as well as assist students through the use of a webcam.  The students were then allowed to show their work and get help as needed.

Training sessions were set up in four rooms and were conducted throughout the day, beginning at 8:30 am and ending at 4:00 p.m.  Along with the sessions, the students gathered in various groups to make detail plans for their project that will greatly benefit NW Red Cross.  Jeff Patrick, Director of School and Community Programs at NWA Red Cross was on hand with other staff individuals from NW Red Cross to help the various student groups with questions and information in order to help kick off the project. 

The NW Red Cross project entails creating maps, virtual reality tours and photos that would make identifying potential shelter locations easier for volunteers and staff members when dealing with disasters throughout the nineteen counties of Arkansas. In addition students planned for creating videos and graphic art materials that would also assist the NW Red Cross in getting volunteers and educating the public about various programs that are offered through the NWA Red Cross organization.  After the close of the day, the four schools took a trip to the NW Red Cross in Tontitown to tour their facility.

Cedarville, Berryville, Springdale and Har-Ber High received a four school After Hours Consortium Grant from EAST Initiative.  The EAST Initiative grant is in cooperation with the Southeast Educational Cooperative and the Arkansas Department of Education. The students will be spending at least 50 hours after school hours to work on this project during this spring semester.  The grant will benefit the NW Red Cross staff and volunteers as well as many surrounding communities if and when a disaster was to occur.  


For more information, contact Debbie Lamb at Har-Ber EAST; 479-750-8777 ext 2034.




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