Creston, Iowa EAST Presents: Techie Paws for the Needy


Creston, Iowa EAST Presents: Techie Paws for the Needy
8/14/2013 4:29:18 PM

Student’s web expertise put to use for those with disabilities.

It all started with a presentation of the ideology of EAST to a group of adults taking a Leadership Development class offered by the Union County Development Association in the Creston High School EAST room.  It ended with a service that will help special needs adults for years to come.  However the beginning and end of the story are immaterial compared to what life lessons were learned in between.

Jesse Bolinger, founder of Techie Paws, was one of the 20+ members in the audience that day.  After hearing about EAST and how the organization helps the community, he approached the EAST facilitator Shawn Miller, about forming a partnership to help him with his dream of making a non-profit organization for people with disabilities needing assistance.  

Born with hydrocephalus, a condition where excess cerebrospinal fluid caused brain swelling and damaged his optic nerve, Bolinger has been partially sighted his whole life.  He was constantly looking for better ways to experience life.  Armed with his guide dog and other adaptive technologies, he has now taken that next step.

Patty H., a senior in EAST, and Jesse worked on a collaborative project in which they would create a website documenting the services that Techie Paws would proudly offer.  Working after school and well into the weekends on multiple occasions, the two devised a site that would be easily accessible to people in need.  Despite his medical hardships, Jesse had earned a Masters Degree in Non-profit Management from Graceland University and had dabbled in web design.  He combined his talents with the expertise in Adobe Dreamweaver that Patty possessed to create the site and ultimately the message of Techie Paws. 

Techie Paws, Inc. recently launched and its mission statement is simple, “To help those with disabilities pay veterinary expenses and acquire technology to make everyday life a bit easier.” There are two main programs to assist those with abilities in achieving increased life success including veterinary assistance and assistive technology. 

Techie Paws, Inc. helped purchase its first major assistive technology for an elderly lady in Tulsa, Oklahoma who was blind and hard of hearing.  With its recent increase in profile, the business which primarily concentrates on the people in the Midwest looks to continue to grow. 

Patty has been extremely integral to the success of this exciting endeavor and has helped share his technological expertise to other members of the EAST classroom.  He is still in regular contact with Jesse to help gage the success of the project.  Meanwhile, he has been busy tutoring younger EAST students about the nuances of web design including work on the school website.


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