Alpena High School EAST Receives $3000 Donation


8/14/2013 4:29:54 PM

Alpena alumni Bernal Green and Elaine (Green) Simpson contribute to community through EAST.

During the early years of their career development, Bernal and Elaine, Alpena alumni of 1951 and 1955, realized that the key to their success was the education that their mother, Quintilla (Burns) Green, insisted they have. She had the foresight and determination to see that they gain basic and non-traditional education, and the ability to use their knowledge. She devoted herself to seeing that her children go a far as they could in the educational process.

Bernal and Elaine cherish that and this occasion when they can give financial support to an excellent non-traditional education program where students are encouraged and given guidance to accomplish real world projects that support and interact with the community. They have seen direct results of how Mr. Lane and the EAST program teach the skills that better prepare students for a wider range of career options and believe that it is a necessity for today’s students.

While making their presentation, Bernal and Elaine were introduced to some of the EAST students and the projects their financial support would make possible. The day became even more special when they learned that EAST student Lexi, a cousin three times removed, will be leading the yearbook project. Student Shawn is a senior and has dedicated hundreds if not thousands of hours towards EAST projects and wants to get these firmly grounded before graduation. Abbie and Lexi are 7th grade students who are excited about the projects and anxious to get started.

The Alpena High School EAST program can now take on the projects that for several years have lain on the shelf. The first will be a historical overview of Alpena and Alpena School, and the digitalizing all the past to present yearbooks. On several occasions members of our community have requested old yearbooks and history but we have not been able to provide it.

The success of these and other projects hinge on willing students who have or can gain the knowledge to use equipment, and the support of our community and businesses. The financial support for these projects has been given and we have no doubts that the community will provide the other needs as as it did for the Alumni Book and the Cemetery Management projects. We have learned the process and with new equipment now can digitalize the yearbooks and history without altering or damaging the books or documents. The end product will not match the original style binding or paper, but the pictures and text will be near-original quality.

The print and binding capability in the EAST lab was made possible by donations form FedEx and NorthWind. To accomplish our project goals, the community will need to let us borrow pictures and documents that will show original construction and changes to all the buildings on the school campus as well as in and around our town. The yearbooks provide some information but leave many gaps.

For the yearbook project we will need to borrow clean 1948-1998 yearbooks. Previous to 1998, the yearbooks were not archived. Until now we have not tried to reach out to the community for the pictures and information because we didn’t have the ability to capture high quality images. Shawn, Abbie, Lexi and others are excited about the projects and believe that in EAST they can produce these projects for the community. So we will be requesting yearbooks, pictures, or documents that we can borrow, especially those of the old school and town buildings, construction, outhouses, playgrounds, burned buildings etc. Please call, write, or email and let us know what you have. Then at a later date we will make contact and make arrangements to copy them. We hope to have the projects well under way by the end of this school year.


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