Happy Valentine's Day to EAST Schools!


Happy Valentine's Day to EAST Schools!
8/14/2013 4:31:59 PM

A high-tech Valentine from North Pulaski High School EAST.

Happy Valentine's Day to EAST schools!

See a surprise Augmented Reality message from North Pulaski High School EAST students!

This Valentine's Day surprise can be viewed by anyone with a computer, webcam, and paddle image (attatched). To view, follow the instructions below:

1. Download and print the paddle image. (See link below.)

2. Go to http://ardl.getimaginality.com/school/server/publish/trial/install/?module=18a34da506474dd4be4c39f920cf4acc

3. Select Run Trial. A popup will be displayed asking you to download the ARDL Imaginality Trial. This software must be installed to your computer in order for the module to be viewed.

4. Once download is complete, select Run Trial once more to display your surprise. Depending on internet connection, this may take a few minutes.

5. Hold paddle under webcam to view.

North Pulaski's Kristan Coggins and Reagan Lear used Digital Tech Frontier's Augmented Reality Development Lab software to create this card. They are also printing out "hard copies" to hand out to friends.




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