New EAST Program Starts Year with Big Goal


New EAST Program Starts Year with Big Goal
8/14/2013 4:33:08 PM

The new year brings new recycling program to Pottsville Jr. High.

At the beginning of the 2010 school year Pottsville Junior High added a new elective for students to choose from: the EAST program. Ashlyn, Jasa, and Rachel were three students that decided to take the class. After brainstorming ideas, the ladies decided to start off the year by setting a large goal: to start a recycling program in not only the junior high, but in the entire Pottsville School District.

To begin, they researched local recycling companies to compare the pros and cons of each, making a PowerPoint presentation of their three top choices to present to the superintendent, Mr. Larry Dugger.

Mr. Dugger decided to go with a Clarksville company, Green Source Recycling. After several phone conversations with the district educator, Angela Allen, the girls successfully set up a meeting including all of the district’s principals, Mr. Dugger, and representatives ofGREENsource.

As Jasa, Rachel, and Ashlyn came back to school this month, they received the go-ahead from the district to begin the program. A meeting is set up with Angela Allen of GREENsource to begin to plan the details soon.



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