Rison EAST Helps Feed the Hungry


Rison EAST Helps Feed the Hungry
8/14/2013 4:38:29 PM

Students’ passion for hunting turns into something big for the local community.

A group of Junior High EAST students all had a passion for hunting, so when given the task to find a new project they knew the focus would revolve around hunting. After discovering the program “Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry” (AHFH), they found their mission — or so they thought.

Per the request of the students, Mr. Ronnie Ritter with AHFH came to the school to discuss the program with the EAST students. The students’ original mission was to make brochures and posters to inform the public about the AHFH program. Their goal was to have more deer meat donated for the program.

After talking with Mr. Ritter, the group learned that Cleveland County had plenty of hunters who donate to the program, but the county did not have a distributor to hand out the deer meat to the local citizens who need it. Therefore, all of the deer meat donated in Cleveland County goes to another county’s citizens. The group’s mission and goal quickly changed; not only did they want to inform the public, but now they also wanted to find a distributor for Cleveland County. This group’s passion was noticed by the Senior EAST students and a Senior High group quickly formed to help with the project.

After waiting for replies to letters and beginning to lose hope, the team’s goal was finally accomplished. A local church agreed to be the distributor for Cleveland County. Trinity Faith of Rison has an existing food pantry to help local citizens and now they have added deer meat to the supplies. Thanks to these enterprising EAST students, families who need help with food now have meat to go with the nonperishable items offered at the church.


Angel Jacobs

Middle School Science/EAST

Cleveland County School District



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