Stone County Airport Commission Pleased to Work with Mountain View EAST


Stone County Airport Commission Pleased to Work with Mountain View EAST
8/14/2013 4:39:24 PM

Students invited to collaborate with commission on a variety of projects.

“Your EAST team members do not know how excited we are to be working with you. I think that you and the resources available to you will prove to be invaluable to our efforts at Mountain View's airport and in turn to all of Stone County,” says Larry Ragan of the Stone County Airport Commission.

Mountain View High School EAST was recently invited to partner with our local Airport Commission on a long-term collaboration involving web site development, virtual reality, digital video and photo, weather station monitoring and data dissemination. Several members of our project team attended the commission’s December meeting and had the opportunity to share ideas and hear input from members of the commission.

The commission has just completed a runway extension and has seen a rise in overall traffic to the airport. In order to be in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a detailed measurement of the new runway addition was required. EAST students completed GPS mapping of end and threshold points and generated a map in ArcView.

The students asked if the commission members would be interested in an ongoing partnership through future years, and the idea was endorsed with much enthusiasm. A new logo for the airport is also being designed by one of our EAST students.




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