EAST Skills Enhance Football Booster Club Celebration


EAST Skills Enhance Football Booster Club Celebration
8/14/2013 4:40:21 PM

Dardanelle EAST students provide support in honor of Sand Lizard football.

DHS EAST students Allysun, Jacy, Tosha, Jayde, Samantha, Danny, Dillon, and Logan helped the DHS Football Booster club in preparation for the annual Sand Lizard football banquet in December.

Allysun, Jacy, and Tosha employed taped footage of each football game during the season and using Adobe Premiere to create a highlight film. Danny, Dillon, and Logan used Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects software applications to create a pictorial video of the highlights of the football games. Area photographers Sabra Ferguson and Chuck Craig provided the digital images for use in both of these films.  As a member of the field squad, Tosha filmed each game to obtain the raw footage for the film. The pictorial video was viewed as an entry to the banquet and the highlight film was previewed during the banquet ceremonies.

Tosha and Samantha also developed a program and decorations for the banquet. Tosha created the brochure and DVD covers using Microsoft Publisher. Samantha used PowerPoint to create wall posters using football images and information about the players, cheerleaders and water girls.

Additionally, the team assisted the club with the creation of the "surprise present" to the football players by working with Teresa Smallwood, club sponsor, and photographer Sabra Ferguson. Each DHS senior football player received a set of DVDs containing the digital images and a copy of the highlight film.

Mrs. Smallwood stated, “DHS EAST students’ ability to take on big projects such as this year’s game-day filming, spending time to cut, slice, add music, and enhance those films and pictures and creating DVDs shows the remarkable dedication of the students to work as a team. We are so proud of the confidence the EAST Lab crew has shown through their abilities and talents. We say “thank you.”





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