Harrisburg Middle School EAST Coordinates Massive Donation Drive


Harrisburg Middle School EAST Coordinates Massive Donation Drive
8/14/2013 4:42:15 PM

From cell phones and shoes to toys and clothing, students take in donations to benefit troops and needy families.

EAST students at Harrisburg Middle School recently coordinated a massive donation drive. The students set out to collect cell phones, toys, and shoes; they ended up with much more. To date, they have received over 2,000 cell phones, toys, shoes, old electronics, printer cartridges, and articles of clothing.

EAST students Molly, Cristal, and Kassidy began the “Cell Phones for Soldiers” recycling program which takes donations of old cell phones. The EAST students erase the memory of the cell phones and then ship them to a recycling company. They break the phones down and get cash for the recyclable parts. Calling cards are then purchased and sent to soldiers who are stationed away from their families.

Paige, a seventh grade EAST student, worked with the Progressive Club of Harrisburg to coordinate the “Soles4Souls” program in an effort to recycle shoes to send to needy people in disaster areas. People are dying from disease and sickness because they are walking without shoes. Shoes collected by the HMS EAST program and the Progressive Club will be sent to the Soles4Souls headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Students have also been donating gently used toys. Most of these toys from the “Toy Drive” will be sent to a local teacher’s son, who is a Marine stationed overseas. He requested our help because they frequently have children who visit their base and ask to play with toys. The soldiers scramble to create rock people or paper airplanes for the children to play with. Thanks to the HMS students, the soldiers will be able to offer actual toys to the children. These toys will brighten the lives of the soldiers and the children.

Although the EAST lab started out focusing on “Cell Phones for Soldiers,” “Soles4Soul,” and a “Toy Drive,” the student body initiated a clothing drive. Many students asked if they could also donate clothing, and EAST students agreed to manage the clothing drive. They have donated to the clothing closets at the schools, local churches, and to local needy families.




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