Nettleton EAST Students Promote Reading to Kindergartners


Nettleton EAST Students Promote Reading to Kindergartners
8/14/2013 4:42:54 PM

Students share their holiday spirit by spending time with youngsters coloring, reading and getting ready for Santa.

Nettleton EAST students Mandi, Hillary, and Hailey recently organized an activity at the elementary school to promote reading to kindergarten classrooms. The girls contacted the principal, Miss Laci Tilton, to share their project idea and were given permission to contact an elementary teacher to set up a date and time.

Mandi, Hillary, and Hailey shared their holiday spirit with Mrs. Jordan Gardner’s kindergarten classroom at Fox Meadow Elementary. Using the internet, the studnts created holiday coloring books using Photoshop, an art project to do with the children, and selected a book to be read and shared with them. The girls also helped the children to prepare a Santa snack.

The students will be continuing their reading project each month until May. The project enables them to share their love for reading with the younger children, who look up to them. The girls recorded the event by taking photos and editing them in Adobe Photoshop. The pictures will be sent to Mrs. Gardner’s class.

Each of the girls expressed how much fun it was and how much they enjoyed spending time with the children. Several other teachers were so impressed by what they were doing that they requested the girls visit their classes in the future to promote reading.




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