Annie Camp EAST Brings Christmas Joy Worldwide


Annie Camp EAST Brings Christmas Joy Worldwide
8/14/2013 4:44:07 PM

Two AC students use Operation Christmas Child to reach children around the world.

Students Mary Katherine K. and Mackenzie G. wanted to do something special this Holiday season. They decided that the best way to reach the most needy children was through Operation Christmas Child. As churches around the nation gear up on this project, these two students thought they could make a difference through their EAST program.

Operation Christmas Child is a program that uses shoe boxes and packs them full of small toys and other items that a child would need in everyday life. It's a way for people to give to those who are not as well off, and it allows at least one gift for children that may not ever get a Christmas.

With their minds focused on reaching as many kids as possible, they packed their boxes with small toys and other items that these children can use in their lives. The two students surpassed even their own expectations, collecting a total of 49 boxes. Its a project that is very meaningful to Mary Katherine, and she intends to keep it going throughout her years in EAST. She hopes that next year she can bring even more kids in on the project and up the total to impact the lives of even more people. Said Mary Katherine of next year: "We hope to get up to over 70 boxes next year. That would be incredible!"





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