EAST Students, Assisted Living Residents Bond Over Wii


EAST Students, Assisted Living Residents Bond Over Wii
8/14/2013 4:44:23 PM

For the EAST students of Wynne High School, the Wii is much more than just a game.

An idea was thrown around quite a bit when brainstorming possible ideas on how the EAST lab at Wynne High School could help out or doing something with the assisted living programs in our town.  Several good plan ideas were proposed, but the one that actually took hold and has been beneficial to all who have participated is the “I love Wii” project started by students Caroline B., Sydnie M. and Katherine D. 

Once a week this group travels to the Magnolia Pines Assisted Living residence and play the Wii with a small group of women ranging in ages 80 to 99.  All this entails is the girls going there and setting up the game system — and the fun begins. The group of ladies are ready, willing and able to take on the challenges that the games and the girls put in front of them. The most popular two games that they love to play are tennis and bowling.  Katherine stated that she “could not believe how competitive they are with each other and with us.” One resident in particular “is all about the bowling. It is a serious situation when it comes to her turn at the controls.”

The manager at Magnolia Pines loves the idea the girls brought to her, and said that purchasing a Wii for the residents had been up for discussion several times but they were afraid that the residents would not take an interest in the games without encouragement and someone actually teaching them how to run the system. This project has shown her the benefits of the system; it is a way for residents to keep their minds sharp, it’s low-impact exercise and it works motor skills.

Along with these benefits one can never discount the time spent between these high school students and this group of residents. “The girls have learned so much from these women; a week has not gone by when they do not have a funny story to tell of something one of the women said or did,” stated Leslie Ballard, EAST Facilitator. 





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