Jacksonville Middle School EAST Supports our Troops


Jacksonville Middle School EAST Supports our Troops
8/14/2013 4:44:38 PM

Letter-writing campaign brings thanks from Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

Letters to Veterans

Where would we be if we hadn’t been blessed with the brave soldiers who went to fight for us? Today, no one really thinks about that, they take all of their privileges for granted.

I am writing this to inform you about the recent activities of these students: Jordan Y., Darriunta B., Tyson F., and Jessica B. They recently got together and encouraged their fellow peers to write letters to those who fought for their freedom.They definitely did a good job, and represented what EAST is all about.

Sometime a little after Veteran’s Day a large amount of letters were sent around the area to Veteran departments. We received a letter in return saying how they appreciated what the students had done for them, and how they had hung the letters up for all of the Veteran families to see. As a token of their appreciation they sent some stick-on tattoos. Who knew something so small could mean so much to someone else? Now the tattoos will remind the students that as long as they’re in EAST they can accomplish something.


By Jessica, 7th Grade EAST Student

Jacksonville Middle School



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