Annie Camp EAST Honored by Mayor


Annie Camp EAST Honored by Mayor
8/14/2013 4:47:47 PM

ACE music festival leadership team received special recognition at the City Council meeting.

Jonesboro mayor Harold Perrin told the people gathered at this month's City Council meeting that if they hadn't been out to visit the city's EAST programs, they really need to. “I'm just blown away by what they are doing,” said Perrin. “I wasn't in Annie Camp's EAST room for five minutes before they were already talking about stuff over my head.” Mayor Perrin's praise for EAST came on a very special night for Annie Camp's program. The Mayor had invited ACE facilitator Chris Hicks and the student leadership team, responsible for planning the recent Music Festival and fundraiser for the CityYouth Ministries, to attend the meeting.

After calling the ACE attendees to the front, Mayor Perrin presented Hicks and his EAST program with a special proclamation honoring them for the hard work they did in the planning and execution of the festival. Also, student team leader and project originator Tori S. was given a proclamation honoring her for her individual work in coming up with, planning, and managing all the students for the event.

The event was a huge success, and the city has already contacted ACE about being involved in the event next year. When asked about the planning and pulling off of the event, Hicks had this to say: “I'm not the person you should talk to. I had very little to do with the project other than being a sounding board and motivator. The students did all the work, and deserve all the recognition.”


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