Vial of Life Films a Life-Saving Movie


Vial of Life Films a Life-Saving Movie
8/14/2013 4:49:07 PM

Four Star City EAST students have introduced our citizens to a life-saving project. The Vial of Life project will benefit the citizens of Lincoln County, no matter what their age.

Four students from the Star City EAST program have introduced the citizens of our community to a life-saving project. This project, The Vial of Life, will benefit the citizens of Lincoln County, no matter what their age. Project Manager Julie Chambers said, “The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself. It provides critical medical information that could assist EMTs in saving your life.”

The Vial of Life group went to Charlie and Dee Cole’s home to shoot a dramatic video about how important the vial can be in a life threatening situation.

The plot of the video features a woman outside sweeping who gets stung by a wasp, and goes into anaphylactic shock. She eventually dies because the medical information the EMTs needed was not available to them.

In a replay of the scene, The Vial of Life is available, where her medical information is ready and at hand, so instead of dying from her allergic reaction she receives appropriate treatment and survives.

Students involved in this project are Julie Chambers, McKensey Stover, Darien Washington and Jarrett Frizzell.

The students want to thank the community actors who volunteered their time and talent. They were Dee Cole, the patient, her husband Charlie Cole, EMTs Bobby Blevins, Carla Burnett, and David Rich. A special thanks to the management of EASI Ambulance Service for the use of their ambulance and equipment.


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